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About the General Corporate Association, Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association

Vision Towards Realization of Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association has been contributing to the betterment of living culture for people all over the world through sustainable development.
Going forward, we will continue our efforts in realizing a sustainable society by providing a safe, simple to use, and environmentally friendly restroom space.

● Details about CO₂ Emission Reduction Activities and Vision Setting So Far,

Our industry was the first to complete the fuel conversion for firing kilns, which consume the largest amount of energy. Additionally, we have set reduction targets for 2020 and 2030 in our Low Carbon Society Achievement Plan, and have been working to reduce emissions from our domestic business activities.
In the future, in order to contribute to the "realization of a Carbon Neutral Society by 2050" announced by the government, we will strive to further reduce CO₂ emissions under Keidanren's Carbon Neutrality Action Plan.

[First Pillar](Reduce Emissions from Domestic Business Activities)
Based on Keidanren's Carbon Neutrality Action Plan, targets have been set for 2030 to strive to reduce emissions from domestic business activities and contribute to the global warming countermeasure plan set by the Japanese government.

[Second Pillar](Strengthening Cooperation with other interested groups)
With the proliferation of water-saving toilets and energy-saving spray seat, households, businesses and other sectors, etc. will contribute to the reduction of CO₂ during use.

[Third Pillar](Promotion of International Contribution)
The proliferation of using water-saving toilets will contribute to the reduction of CO₂ during use overseas.

[Fourth Pillar](Development of Innovative Technologies Toward Carbon Neutrality by 2050)
Innovative technologies for carbon neutrality, which are being studied in other industries, will be applied to the production and business activities of sanitary ware of each member company, with the aim of practical application.

Emission control in the production of sanitary equipment

Fiscal year is from April of the year to March of the following year.

Efforts for Low Carbon Society Achievement Plan and Carbon Neutrality Action Plan

*The title of this plan has changed from “Low Carbon Society Achievement Plan” to “Carbon Neutrality Action Plan” from FY2021

FY2001 Participated in the 4th Keidanren Voluntary Plan Follow-up* of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) as the former Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association, "Reduce CO₂ emissions from production plants in FY2010 by 20% or more compared to FY1990 levels"
*Started in 1997 with 28 business of Industry Divisions and Energy Conversion Divisions
FY2005 Participated in “Global Warming Countermeasure Efforts” set by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
FY2007 Target value increased
"Reduce the average amount of CO₂ emissions of five years from FY2008 to FY2012 (first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol) generated in production plants by 25% or more compared to FY1990 levels"
FY2010 Low Carbon Society Achievement Plan (Phase I) following Voluntary Action Plan requested from Keidanren Environment Headquarters
"Reduce CO₂ emissions generated at production bases in FY2020 by 35% or more compared to FY1990 levels."
FY2013 End report for the first commitment period designated in the Kyoto Protocol. The Target of Voluntary Action plan was achieved
〉Average amount of CO₂ emissions of the period from FY2008 to FY2012: reduction of 50.3% (compared to FY1990)
FY2014 Reported the reduction target for FY2020 and after (of Low Carbon Society Achievement Plan (Phase II)) to Keidanren Environment Headquarters
FY2018 Reviewed CO₂ reduction target of both FY2020 and FY2030 in FY2017 and announced the target officially
FY2021 Reached the target of FY 2020, Low Carbon Society Achievement Plan (Phase I)
〉CO₂ emissions from production bases in FY2020 : reduction of 63.3% (compared to FY 1990)
Participation in the "Keidanren Carbon Neutrality Action Plan"