Japan’s Toilet SituationTypes of Toilets and Usage

There are basically 3 types of toilets, the Japanese-style toilet, Western-style toilet, and the multi-function toilet and the type installed will vary depending on the location.
The Japanese-type toilet is most common at sight-seeing locations and adjusting to the needs of the people, these are currently being converted to Western-style toilets.

01Toilets at Transportation Facilities, Commercial Facilities, etc.

02Toilets at Accommodations and Guestrooms


Precautions When Using Hotel Bathrooms
Bathrooms in hotels have showers installed but they are to be used only in the bathtub.
Additionally, if the bathroom is left open during use, it may cause the fire alarm to accidentally turn on
Please make sure to close the bathroom door when taking a shower. If there is a shower curtain, please close the curtain when showering to prevent the area around the toilet from getting wet.

Japan’s Toilet SituationUsing the Toilet Utilities

01How to Flush the Toilet

The method to flush the toilet may differ depending on the type of toilet installed.
For those with tanks, the lever handle location on the side of the tank is used to flush.
Toilets without tanks, such as those located in public facilities and Japanese-style toilets are flushed with the lever handle.
Additionally, there are types that use buttons and levers on the wall, non-contact types (hand sensor) and those with remote control flush buttons.
Some of the latest types of toilets will automatically flush when you stand up.

Location of lever handles, etc.


Used toilet paper is flushed down the toilet along with the waste material for Japanese toilets.
*Only toilet paper and the above mentioned flushable tissue paper can be flushed.
Please dispose of sanitary materials and other items in the trash container located in the toilet.
As a courtesy to people using the toilet after you, please check your surroundings and be sure to flush.

02How to Use the Spray seat

When using the spray seat, the operation buttons located on the side of the toilet is used for operations.
Additionally, if there are no operation buttons on the side, there will be a remote control located on the wall.
The meanings of the buttons are as follows.

Location of Operation Areas

Meaning of Operation Area Illustrations

03Toilet Sound Effects Device

In Japan, in order to camouflage the sound of excretion, there is something called the "Sound Effects Device" that mimics the sound of running water. There are types that automatically sound when a person is detected entering the toilet, those that sound when your hand is placed over a sensor, and those that will sound when a button is pressed. This is different from the flush button and so you should search for the flush button if you mistake the sound button for the flush button.

04Emergency Call Button

There may be an Emergency Call Button located near the flush button. This is an emergency button for people who feel ill in the toilet so please be careful not to press the "Call" button unless it is an emergency.