Japan's Toilet SituationFacilities that have toilets

Toilets are located in various places at where you visit.
The hospitable toilets are adapted to the various facilities.
For example, in addition to the facilities above, toilets are also installed in Shinkansen (Bullet Trains) and long distant buses and so you can rest assured even when travelling long distances for sight seeing.
*Before use, you may have to ask permission to use the toilet depending on the facility so it is recommended that you check with an employee of the facility.


Toilet paper is available in most toilet facilities; however some facilities may be out of paper. We recommend that you carry some tissue or the like that can be flushed with water.
Toilet paper that can be flushed with water can be purchased at Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, etc.

Cleaning is also Hospitality

Toilets at public facilities are cleaned everyday by cleaning workers with a feeling of “Hospitality” so that they can be used comfortably.
Cleaning workers will go about and continue cleaning even if there are people there using the facilities.
Some people may be surprised but this is the way Japan's toilets are kept clean through this routine cleaning.
There will be a toilet check sheet located somewhere.
If you do see one, please check to see how many times a day cleaning is done per day.