Japan's Toilet SituationUsing the Toilet Utilities

The toilets in Japan have many functions.
We will explain the following here, "Flushing the Toilet", "Using the Spray seat", "Flushing Sound Device", and "Emergency Call Button".

01How to Flush the Toilet

Flushing the toilet will differ according to what type of toilet is installed.
  • For the Tank Type: Turning the lever on the side of the tank will flush.
  • For the Tank-less Toilet: Pressing the lever will flush.
  • Other Types: Flush button on wall, non-contact type flushing (holding your hand over the sensor), and flush button on a remote control.
Some of the newest toilets will automatically flush when you get up off the toilet seat.

This mark indicates the flushing switch.

Location of lever handles, etc.


  • Please make sure to flush the toilet after use in consideration of the next person.
  • When using toilets in Japan, leave toilet paper in the toilet bowl and flush the toilet after use.
    * Papers that can be flushed down the toilet are only toilet paper and other paper that can be flushed.
    * Please dispose of sanitary napkins and tampons in the wastebasket installed on the side of the toilet.

02How to Use the Spray seat

When using the spray seat, the operation buttons located on the side of the toilet is used for operations.
Additionally, if there are no operation buttons on the side, there will be a remote control located on the wall.
The meanings of the buttons are as follows.

Location of Operation Areas

Meaning of Operation Area Illustrations

03Toilet Sound Effects Device

Some public toilets in Japan may be equipped with "Flushing Sound Devices" that provide the sound of running water to mask body function sounds.
The operation of each according to the type is as follows. The cover sound will play for a set period of time then automatically turn off.
  • Sensor Type: Placing your hand over the sensor will turn on the sound.
  • Button Type: Pressing the button will start the sound.
  • Automatic Type: When the toilet is entered, it will sense the presence of a person and automatically turn on the sound.

04Emergency Call Button

An Emergency Call Button similar to the photo may be found near the flush button. If you press this button when you are feeling ill inside the toilet, some will come to your aid. Please take care not to press this button unless it is an emergency.