Japan’s Latest Toilets

The latest toilets in Japan filled with state-of-the-art technologies, starting with the Spray seats.
They are continuing to evolve so that they can be used at ease, safely, and comfortably.

02Low Silhouette Toilet

In recent years, the “Low Silhouette” design for toilets has been gaining popularity.
Each company has a characteristic lineup such as types that assert the design of the toilet by itself or products that allow freedom to interpret the space where it is situated.

03Water-saving Device

Water-saving Toilet

The volume of water used when a Western-style toilet is flushed once (large flush) is 6 liters or less.
In addition, by the flow of the wash water "circling around" the bowl (toilet bowl), it effectively cleans the soil and conserves water.

Wash Basin Area (Automatic Faucet, Automatic Liquid Soap, Air Towel)

04Devices for People with Children

Baby seats, baby chairs, and other items in consideration of babies, fitting boards for changing children and other devices have been increasingly installed in commercial and transportation facilities. People with children can also use toilets with peace of mind.